Environmental Health

Tuesday 9.6.2015, Congress Hall Yrjö
Presenter Affiliation Presentation title / Download abstract
Hintsala Heidi Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research and MRC Oulu, University of Oulu, Finland Habitual wintertime cooling and blood pressure in hypertensive and normotensive men: an experimental study
Jaakkola Kari University of Oulu, Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH), Finland Human rhinovirus infections are associated with temperature and humidity in a cold climate
Hyrkäs Henna University of Oulu, Finland Asthma control and cold-related respiratory symptoms
Ikeda Atsushi Department of Urology, Hitachi General Hospital, Japan The Impact of a Polar Environment on Urinary Status - An investigation of urinary status in the 54th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition
Ferguson Gary Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, USA Making a Tobacco Free Hospital Campus: An Alaska Native Tribal Health System Experience
Amstislavski Philippe University of Alaska – Anchorage, USA Characterization of Environmental Health Properties of a Fabricated Polymeric Fungi-Based Insulation Material
Näyhä Simo University of Oulu, Finland Birthweight and temperature on the day of conception
Näyhä Simo University of Oulu, Finland Heat-related thermal sensation, comfort and symptoms in a norhern population: the national Finrisk 2007 study