Please use the information below to guide the construction of your oral presentation.

Oral presentations will be strictly limited to 15 minutes total. Please plan on a 12-minute talk, followed by no more than a 3-minute question-and-answer period with audience members. Since the conference schedule is tight, Session chairs / co-chairs will need to strictly enforce these timings.

Please arrive well in advance of your session to the congress hall and upload your files. The hall assistants will help you to upload your files, handle sound, lighting and help you to start up your presentation. The computer is located on the stage. Please notice that it is not possible to use own laptops. 

You are required to bring your presentation in PowerPoint format (all Microsoft Office versions up to 2010) to the conference on a USB stick. We strongly advise that to deal with unforeseen circumstances you bring an extra copy of all presentation files, and ensure you have a copy available from a suitable area on the internet that is generally accessible. Speakers Presentation Check Desk, equipped with PCs and staffed, will be available close to the Registration desk.

Please follow the file name convention: Session name_family name.pptx.  

You should meet your session chair in the presentation room 5 minutes before the beginning of your session. You are requested to be in attendance for the whole session and take your seat in the front row of the session room. 

You are responsible for advancing your slides during your presentation. Each session room will be set up with the following audio visual equipment: 

  • Laptop, with Microsoft Office 2010, Windows 7 installed
  • Data projector and screen
  • Microphone (in some Congress Halls)
  • A wireless remote with a laser pointer 


Oral-Poster Presentation Guidelines

You are asked to prepare 1 or 2 PowerPoint slides and a brief presentation of the main message of your poster, max. 4 minute talk followed by no more than 1 minute for questions. 

If you have any questions, please contact Marjo Tourula (marjo.tourula (at) oulu.fi). 
These instructions are still subject to minor changes.