Population Health II

Wednesday 10.6.2015, Nukuttaja-Näyhä
Chair: Laura Arbour, UBC, Canada
Co-Chair: Stig Andersen, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation title / Download abstract
14:30 Schæbel Louise Centre for Arctic Health, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark On the anti-inflammatory effect of vitamin D in the traditional Inuit diet in Greenland
14:45 Nielsen Nina Odgaard University of Southern Denmark, Denmark Trends in vitamin D status in Greenland from 1987-2010 and the association with type 2 diabetes
15:00 Andersen Stig Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark Creatinine excretion is lower in Inuit than in non-Inuit and the influences on iodine nutrition classification
15:15 Stepanov Vadim Institute for Medical Genetics, Russia Genetic signals of adaptation to climate in Siberian populations
15:30 Eriksen Heidi University of Oulu, Finland Seasonality of clinical symptoms among high risk families for bipolar disorders in the Arctic
15:45     The New Arctic