Living in the Arctic

Friday 12.6.2015, Auditorio
Chair: Pamela Orr, University of Manitoba, Canada
Co-Chair: Anastasia Emelyanova, University of Oulu, Finland
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation title / Download abstract
9:15 Emelyanova Anastasia University of Oulu, Finland Population ageing in the Arctic: intra-regional variations and the differences with national rates
9:30 Orr Pamela University of Manitoba, Canada Housing as a Determinant of Health in Two Northern Canadian Dene Communities
9:45 Carol Kauppi Laurentia University, Canada Health and Housing among Indigenous People in Northern Canada
9:50 Riva Mylene Universite Laval, Centre de recherche du CHU de Quebec, Canada Housing interventions in the Arctic: Baseline results of a study assessing the impacts of moving to a new house for Inuit health and well-being
9:55 Carol Kauppi Laurentia University, Canada Flood Hazard in Kashechewan First Nation: An Environmental Justice Perspective
10:10 Burke Tracey University of Alaska Anchorage, USA Food security in Alaska: Definitions of “urban” and “rural” make a difference