Development of Health Care II

Friday 12.6.2015, Telkkä
Chair: Gert Mulvad, Center of Primary Health Care, Greenland
Co-Chair: Hanna Tiirinki, University of Oulu, Finland
Time Presenter Affiliation Presentation title / Download abstract
9:15 Hounsgaard Lise University of Greenland & University of Southern Denmark, Denmark Family care where a family member is chronically ill with Parkinson’s disease
9:30 Soininen Leena University of Helsinki, Finland Follow-up of cancer incidence among Finnish Sami 1979-2010
9:45 Kelley Stacy Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, USA The Burden of Cancer on Alaska Native People: Comprehensive Cancer Planning and Programs within the Alaska Tribal Health System
10:00 Logie Carmen University of Toronto, Canada Developing a community based research agenda with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth in the Northwest Territories, Canada
10:15 Kelley Stacy Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, USA Alaska Native Breast Cancer Patients: A Care Coordination Quality Improvement Project